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Your customer’s journey starts before they walk in

Our predictive, real-world analytics let you find them outside.

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Real-world, predictive analytics for better experiences and happier shoppers

Omnee gives businesses predictive insights, based on real-world data, to create better, more fulfilling experiences for their customers. By understanding how people behave every day, we give you the tools you need to serve customers more effectively and help them find what they’re really looking for—even before they get inside.

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A Network of Sensors Powered by AI

By combining AI and machine learning with a network of sensors in physical locations, such as shopping malls, Omnee allows you to generate predictive insights about customer journeys in the real world. We analyze foot traffic to gather predictive demographic and visitor data, without risking people’s privacy or relying on murky information-gathering practices.

Our Technology

When it comes to the future of your business, guesswork isn’t good enough

Forge a path for happier, more satisfied customers that you can walk again and again.

Powerful predictive insights

Use purchasing patterns to inspire your next major campaign, connect with potential customers, and create better shopping experiences.

Uncover new possibilities

Identify out-of-store opportunities and roadblocks to develop more targeted marketing strategies.

Connect with customers

Reach people where they already are, when they’re actually there, and with a message that makes a measurable impact.

Measurable ROI for the real world

Bring your offline efforts up to par with your most successful digital campaigns.

More accurate data = happier customers

Serve customers more effectively and help them find what they’re really looking for before they interact with your business.

Machine learning for repeatable outcomes

Create a sustainable, repeatable model for out-of-home advertising, marketing events, and more.