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How Mall Operators Can Succeed This Holiday Season

September 17, 2019

There may be tension in the air along with carolers, Nativity scenes and Santa Claus, at shopping centers nationwide as the holidays approach. The trade war with China has pulled the rug of certainty out from under this year’s holiday season, the biggest spending event of the year for many consumers—according to current data from the National Retail Federation.

And while a Pew survey found holiday sales aren’t as big a piece of the annual pie as they once were for many retailers, both Pew and the NRF agree that they’re still crucial for gift-oriented brands like GameStop and Victoria’s Secret. With last year’s disappointing 1.2% drop in 4th-quarter retail, mall operators know they need to draw buyers, and they need to know how to deploy their marketing budgets most effectively.

What would help would be hard numbers that measure the effectiveness of promotions and activations as they happen:

  • How many additional visitors came during a special event?
  • Did these visitors go beyond the event to visit stores?
  • What were their travel patterns through the building?
  • How long did they stay, how far did they travel inside, and how many stores did they visit?
  • Which stores benefitted, and by how much?
  • How much cross-shopping did the event encourage?
  • Did an event or promotion cause any downsides to visits or foot traffic?

We designed Omnee to provide concrete answers to these questions, both for operators and their tenants. Our venue-wide coverage, designed from the start to protect shoppers’ privacy, gathers the anonymized data it needs to track shoppers’ journeys and report the aggregate patterns that emerge. 

Omnee’s metrics are designed to give real-world retailers the level of data-driven insights that ecommerce has been able to collect from the get-go. For example, we know that understanding cross-shopping is key to making the most of each visit. And for holiday events, Omnee’s dashboards and reports reveal specifically how each event affects frequency, recency, dwell time and cross-shopping at each tenant, and allows results to be compared across properties.

The result: Operators can fine-tune holiday events they’ve already put in place, and better identify what works (and how) for future planning. They can identify successful holiday strategies and tactics, and share them across an entire chain of shopping centers—not just what activations to run, but where to place them and what hours to operate them for maximum returns.

Online retailers have long had data to view and analyze their customers’ journeys, and now, technology for the real world has advanced to where mall operators can collect similar data at high levels of accuracy, without risking shoppers’ privacy.

It’s not too late to optimize your marketing activities for 2019. Reach out to us here to set up a time to chat about how Omnee can help.

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