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It's Time For A Better Way to Measure Audience Behavior in the Real World

April 26, 2019

The advent of the web entirely changed the effectiveness, measurability and success of marketing, unless that is, you operate in the physical world. Take brick and mortar retail, malls, and even OOH advertising. It continues to be incredibly hard to capture real-time, accurate data, analyze it, and understand where and when to best reach consumers along their journey.

That’s where Omnee comes in. We recognized there was a big gap—a void, even—that was hampering the ability of marketers, mall operators, retailers and brands, to grow their revenues by giving their customers exactly what they want, where and when they need it.

Privacy By Design

In designing a solution to this problem, we knew that we needed to build something which, at its core, protected the privacy of consumers. Audience data, used correctly, can predict future behavior. And it doesn’t need to rely on personally identifiable information (PII) such as storing facial images, mobile apps data, persistent tracking, etc.

Omnee’s approach blends edge computing (meaning we never store any PII) with machine-learning and proprietary algorithms to extract and understand crucial data about consumer journeys.

To demonstrate our technology, and quantify the benefits of Omnee’s audience analytics platform, we’re initially helping mall operators and retail REITs gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the ROI on their investments in marketing.

Omnee’s Audience Analytics Platform

At its core, Omnee is an audience analytics platform which helps mall operators better understand the frequency, recency, dwell, and cross-shopping behavior of consumers once they enter the mall.

With key demographic data, including gender and age, and anonymized device data, mall operators can more effectively measure marketing ROI, manage existing tenants, and attract future tenants.

We aren’t targeting or tracking individuals—we value privacy too much to invade it. Instead, we look at the big picture.
How and where is your target audience?
What kind of behavior can you expect to see on your customer’s journey?
How can you influence that behavior?

What Sets Us Apart?

Our primary differentiator is that we are providing key data where previously there has been little to none: what happens after a consumer enters a mall, and before he/she enters a store, restaurant or other business? This is crucial information in understanding the conversion funnel.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 4.06.30 PM

By installing a network of simple sensors, placed in key physical locations throughout your mall, we can gather anonymous information about how people behave in the real world.

Our data experts, combined with proprietary machine learning algorithms, help you decipher your data and translate it into accurate, actionable insights. You can access these insights through our dashboard, giving near real-time information about which promotions and attractions are working, what needs tweaking and where to invest more budget.

Our pilot customers have been really excited about the benefits of Omnee. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you here.

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