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The key to shopping center growth—understanding shoppers’ behavior

July 18, 2019

Like many businesses operating in the physical world, shopping centers are looking for ways to compete with the rise of e-commerce and make data-driven decisions that optimize marketing, leasing and placement. At the same time, online retailers and brands seek to use physical stores to drive online purchases for growth a counterintuitive development perhaps, but consumers want what they want and nothing replicates the experience of interacting with a product in real life.

To enable retailers to be successful in a physical location, mall operators need to provide all means necessary to understand customer behavior, and to optimize location and leases. This means combining expertise in retail operations with real data that provides insights and informs decisions.

We founded Omnee to help stop mid-funnel leaks: from discovery to purchase, and buoy up sales and brand loyalty.

Why is addressing mid-funnel leakage so important?

It's conventional wisdom that if you want more conversion down-funnel, you should have as many top of the funnel leads as possible. However, increasing TOTF doesn't do much for your business if you have a leaky mid-funnel. In sales and marketing, this is the stage where clients evaluate your product and where interest and desire to purchase builds.

Yet we all know that consumers are easily distracted. If you don't take the necessary steps to keep their attention and keep them on their journey to your brand(s), you will end up losing them.

Omnee enables shopping center operators to accurately measure the success of new initiatives and store layouts—not one store at a time, but across the entire property. What’s more, we do all this while fiercely protecting shoppers’ privacy, so they can be better served without fear of being personally tracked or identified.

We believe that despite rumors to the contrary, there is a bright future ahead for those malls and shopping centers that embrace the latest available technology to give consumers what they are really looking for.

Retail has changed forever, but online brands have come to realize that real-world shopping centers will be critical to their continued growth. Omnee gives mall operators and their retail tenants the kind of hard data and analysis that online retailers have used to maximize their success. Not only does Omnee collect data that was unavailable until now, Omnee analyzes this data in ways not previously possible.

The result: Omnee delivers actionable insights to operators and retailers. It brings real-world shopping up to par with e-commerce for data-driven decisions, and empowers shopping centers to mesh with their Internet counterparts to reach the retail goal of a true omnichannel experience.

To learn more, download our white paper: Bringing Businesses Back To The Mall.

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