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Make life better and safer in a post-COVID-19 world

Post-COVID Traffic Rebound

There has been a rebound in traffic for major retail venues that reopened amid COVID-19. Are you ready to welcome your customers back safely and comply with regulations?


Social Distancing Solution

Maximizing capacity utilization while complying with state and local regulation for social distancing protocols can be a challenge.  Businesses and operators need to safely reopen while protecting customers to minimize disruption from COVID-19.

Use Omnee to maximize visibility for spatial usage inside your space, immediately respond when unsafe traffic volumes occur, and apply technology to protect customers in your space.

Install an Omnee sensor every 600 feet to manage capacity and social distancing:

Omnee Support During COVID-19


Social Distancing


Social Distancing


Measure and monitor shopper volume, dwell, and flow



Manage Capacity


Capacity Management


Count and report total shoppers onsite at any given zone



Real-Time Alerts


Email Alert


Live emails alers when unsafe volumes are gathered


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