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Insights from the real world

More powerful predictions for your business




Maximize occupancy and increase NOI

  • Leverage data to pitch new tenants
  • Maximize traffic to tenant mix



Apply shopper journey to understand tenant mix

  • Manage existing tenants
  • Evaluate tenant performances



Apply analysis to engage shoppers and increase traffic

  • Optimize shopper journey
  • Prove marketing ROI

Gather. Encrypt. Analyze.

Privacy by design

We never collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII), and always encrypt customer data for total anonymity. We never interact with your customer. Period.


Our data experts, combined with proprietary machine learning algorithms, help you decipher your data and translate it into accurate, actionable insights.

Low maintenance & discreet

We install a network of simple sensors, placing them in key physical locations to gather anonymous information about how people behave in the real world.


Understand what customers really want

Use predictive customer insights to inform customer journey, OOH placement, creative, and messaging that truly resonates.

Success that builds over time

With highly accurate predictive insights about your customers’ engagement with your offline marketing efforts, you’ll be able to build repeatable business strategies.

Happier customers at every interaction

Understanding exactly what people are looking for and how they want to find it gives you the best possible opportunities to create unbeatable experiences for your customers.


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