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Next Generation Shopper Analytics Platform for real estate owners & operators

Increase revenue and deliver better customer experience with cross-shop analysis.

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Online Insights For The Real World

Omnee is a shopper analytics platform for real estate owners and operators.  We transform consumer and cross-shopping behavior data into actionable insights without compromising consumer privacy.  We are here to help you optimize your ROI whether you operate shopping centers, event venues, street and urban retail, or mixed-use developments.

Our network of plug-and-play sensors provides accurate customer journey insights--including passerby shoppers, store visited, as well as key demographics.

AI-Powered Behavioral Insights

Omnee Sensor

Plug-and-play smart sensors passively detect cellular signals without gathering PII.


Detailed demographic data is processed on the edge, to ensure no PII is being stored or transferred.

Intuitive Dashboard

Cross-shop, frequency, recency and dwell insights are presented on our user-friendly dashboard.

Multi-Layered AI Engine

Cleans data and generates predictive analysis for accurate and actionable insights.

Omnee Benefits

The Omnee Shopper Analytics Platform features a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard to help you drive better ROI.  Attract competitive brands and provide more customized marketing campaigns to your customers by knowing where and how your customers are traveling through your space and which areas and stores they visit.

Frequency & Recency

Our proprietary algorithm gives you a holistic view of consumer footfall trends throughout your entire property, down to the individual store level.



Measure ROI on experiential marketing and advertising campaigns by understanding how consumers engage with common area activations and storefront promotions.  Create a feedback loop to increase the time that consumers stay on your property.



Complete the full omnichannel experience by having unparalleled cross-shop and direction of travel analysis. Know which stores drive the most traffic and how long, and where consumers dwell.



Knowing who your customers are enables you to improve their in-mall experiences and build cohort analysis to drive better cross-shop and increase revenue, all without taking in personal information.



Omnee combines ease-of-use with scalability and security, delivering insights for everyone from smaller neighborhood shopping centers to super-regional malls.

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